• Fast, Simple, and Convenient for everyone.
  • Collateral or guarantor needed.
  • Flexible repayment.
  • Competitive rates.

Need Investment Advice?

  • Be between ages 25 to 60 years.
  • Have a robust cash flow.
  • Have a steady source of income that is verifiable.
  • Must be confirmed staff in present employment for salary loans.
  • Have a functional bank account.
  • Have valid means of identification.

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Need Investment Advice?

Let’s grow your wealth together! Get expert investment advice now and shape your brighter financial future.

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About Us

Nichole Finance Company Limited (NIFCO) stands as a distinguished financial services provider, holding a coveted license from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). Founded with an unwavering commitment to excellence, NIFCO specializes in delivering comprehensive financial solutions, strategic consultancy, and flexible consumer loans to a diverse clientele.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are questions frequently asked about us and our services:

Nichole Finance offers a diverse range of loans, including Personal Installment Loans, Business Expansion Loans, and Emergency Cash Advances. Each is tailored to meet specific financial needs, providing flexibility and affordability.

Our interest rates vary based on the type of loan and other factors. We strive to offer competitive rates to ensure affordability. Specific details can be discussed during the application process or by contacting our customer service.

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